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Where's Pengie?

by Penguin of the People Pengo

We've gotten several emails wondering just what the heck Pengie has been up to lately instead of updating his website.

Ugly rumors that Pengie was buried under Ardant's dirty laundry are completely false, he's just been doing a ton of traveling lately (at Ardant's expense). We've tracked him down and talked him into posting some travel logs online when he has time.

Stay tuned!

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The Hunt for Penkie

by Stuffed Penguin Pengie

Ardant got an e-mail recently about a lost stuffed penguin. A Penkie Penguin has gone missing. Not only that, but Penkie has become quite rare now, in stores. He posted the details on the The Hunt for Penkie page in the hopes that someone has seen a Penkie in a store recently.

Let us know if you've seen this elusive bird recently!

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Welcome to Pengo

by Penguin of the People Pengo

Pengo has made his grand entrance onto the scene. We'll hear from him many times in the near future. Welcome, Pengo, to Stuffed Penguins!

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I'm still here!

by Penguin in Training Ardant

We're still alive. Really. I mean it. Go send a greeting card to prove it.

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Still alive and kicking...

by Penguin in Training Ardant

We're still around! The website has been moved to and therefore so much faster. Expect more, soon!

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Pengie's Blog Updated

by Stuffed Penguin Pengie

I finally convinced myself to write the second part of my programming contest adventure down.

You can go read it on my blog.

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More Stuffed Penguins Cards!

by Penguin in Training Ardant

I added some more Stuffed Penguins cards! Featuring .. a not-so-edible penguin and an engineering hardhat!

Get to it at the cards.

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We're still alive...

by Penguin in Training Ardant

Bamf has posted a new article, A guide to Penguin Video Games in the Information section. Check it out!

Ardant has been playing with Pengie's new camera, and is getting a few more cards ready!

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All systems go, Happy New Year!

by Penguin in Training Ardant

I'm pleased to report that after a few small problems over the holidays, we're back up and running. The cards database is working again, so send those cards! I'll be making more cards soon.

Hopefully we'll hear more from our authors in the days to come.

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More Football for your Penguin

by Staff Writer Bamf

The second and final installment of the Penguin's guide to Football has been added in the information section. Enjoy!

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